Technical Services

Technical Services
The demands on analytical services are getting higher due to increasingly stringent legislative requirements and other economic and operational factors, requiring a more effective and bespoke service analysis.

Our team provide considered and pragmatic advice to establish the right testing regime for all water types, from either a microbiological or chemical perspective. We can also help you navigate your way round the legislation and provide the correct solution to the specific site needs.

Latis Scientific offers more than just results and analytical quality. We offer expert opinion and advanced technologies to solve problems quickly and efficiently.
Latis Scientific offers more than just results and analytical quality


Latis Scientific offer a comprehensive range of accredited and tailored microbiological laboratory services, with expert consultancy for many aspects of water, air and environmental microbiology.

Our focus is to deliver scientifically valid results, independently verified by The Health Protection Agency External Quality Scheme. All methods are continuously updated to comply with current UK and European legislation, guidance and recommendations.

We are committed to providing accurate, reliable and rapid services from our purpose built laboratories in central London.

Key Capabilities

Latis Scientific are constantly looking into the latest technologies to provide the best analytical service possible.


  • Latest development of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing
  • qPCR speciated testing; including M. abscessus, M. avium, M. chimaera, and a pan-species Mycobacterium assay.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Latis were the first laboratory to accredit the rapid assay for the detection of P.aeruginosa in augmented care and swimming pools
  • 24hr turnaround
  • Fewer false negatives
  • Improved recoveries
Analysis for indicators of faecal contamination: Confirmed result within 24 hours using the latest faecal Enterococci and E. coli technology


Latis Scientific are able to provide the analysis of many unusual microbiological parameters and have wide ranging experience in the testing of many different matrices; including drinking, purified and process waters as well as soils and wastes.

Ability to identify and enumerate opportunistic pathogens to meet the requirements of infection control in healthcare environments, including Mycobacteria, Aspergillus, Burkholderia cepacia, Stenotrophomonas maltophilia and Ralstonia pickettii
  • Provision Ability to isolate and identify specific enteric pathogens using biochemical assay
  • Assessment of bacteria products, including Endotoxin, for which we have the lowest limit of detection in the marketplace
  • Detection of lake water contaminants including Algae and Cyanobacteria
  • Management of Cryptosporidium risk, including outbreak investigation.

Projects / Investigatory Work:
Latis Scientific work closely with their clients to provide a bespoke service that enables us to meet all their site requirements.
Antimicrobial efficacy of specific biocides and disinfectants:
  • Testing against specific system characteristics
  • Isolation of predominant species within the particular systems
  • Concentration profile of the biocide
Validation of filtration and treatment systems to ensure microbiological integrity:
  • Work to current standards or develop in house methods for specific requirements
Product challenge testing:
  • Establish models for the antimicrobial stability of products including disinfectants and handsoaps
Latis Scientific are experts in the field of analytical chemistry. We can tailor analysis to your specific requirements, or provide bespoke project work.
Our team’s multi-disciplinary background brings experience of a wide range of tests and procedures, and our state of the art laboratories offer an extensive range of chemical analysis on many different matrices.

We are committed to providing accurate, reliable and rapid services from our purpose built laboratories in the centre of London. Our laboratories have the flexibility to provide rapid turnaround times on all types of samples; such as a 24 hours on BSRIA Pre Commission Cleaning of Pipework samples.
Our focus is to deliver scientifically valid results and we participate in the LEAP External Quality Scheme that independently verifies our results.

Key Capabilities

Latis Scientific specialise in meeting the requirements of building services industry
Pre commission cleaning of pipework systems:
  • Fast turn round for BSRIA pre-commission cleaning suites
  • Automatic provision of micro interims
  • Statistical multi test rapid assay for SRB’s
  • Interpretation of results
Troubleshooting for system failure
  • Full chemical analysis of system water to assess corrosion potentials and system fouling rates
  • Deposit investigations
  • Pipework and metallurgical investigation


Latis Scientific can assist in providing the framework for meeting regulatory standards and industry guidance.
We can provide the appropriate analytical suite to meet requirements for potable, recreational and clinical water quality:
  • Sampling and testing kits provided – pre-registered and labelled
  • Full result interpretation


Latis Scientific can assist in providing the analytical solution to ensuring that corrective and remedial actions are appropriate and effective.
Assessment of drinking water complaints:
  • Taste and odour complaint resolution
  • Evaluation of discolouration
  • Establish source of deposits and physical contamination at outlets
Assessment of pool water integrity:
  • Remedial actions for pool clarity issues
  • Evaluation of poolside corrosion
  • Establish chemical conditions for deposition and scale formation
Ingress water investigations:
  • Full chemical investigation to establish source of ingress
  • Site investigation to establish route cause of ingress
  • Written report to enable legal defence

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