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Industrial Hygiene can be defined as the combination of techniques that studies the physical, chemical or biological work environment to prevent the development of occupational diseases. The work of the industrial hygienist is to be responsible for identifying the various risks to which a person might be exposed in their workplace.

On the other hand companies have to perform sampling and periodic measurements to verify the level of pollutants in the environment as required for the services of a laboratory capable of analyzing identified pollutants that are harmful to health workers.

Labaqua has extensive experience in the analysis of different pollutants:

  • Metals
  • VOCs
  • Particulate material
  • Amines, Mercaptans, Ketones, Isocyanates, PAH’s and other organic compounds
  • Fiber count
  • Free silica
  • Cr VI
  • Inorganic acids

Using as reference methodology methods from bodies such as:

You can request our catalog of analytical services ( where you can find the contaminant which needs to be analyzed, as well as further detailed information of sampling media and reference methodology.


In recent years industrial hygiene and safety has become more important and of greater concern because of industrial and workplace accidents that have had serious consequences.

Industrial Hygiene, requires, in many cases, complex approaches to solutions, and faces increasingly the study of new contaminants with increasingly stringent requirements. Hygienists face daily:


Therefore, the increasingly numerous Prevention Services and Mutual Associations both nationally and internationally require not only a laboratory to carry out measurements of sampled pollutants, but also a partner able to offer a more complete and comprehensive service.

Labaqua offers a solution to this problem because it is a laboratory with:


The added value of the solution that LABAQUA offers differs in 6 points from solutions that other companies can offer:

  • Our high technological capability allows us to analyze about 500 different compounds with high sensitivity and precision.
  • Technical advice by professional staff with over 12 years experience.
  • Response within 72 hours in case of urgency.
  • Sending support media for sampling of chemical agents in 48 hours.
  • We can help you find the solution that meets your specific needs through our ability to research and development of new methodologies for contaminants with defined PLV.
  • ENAC Accreditation under UNE-EN 17025 for over 100 pollutants.
  • Hire of high and low flow sampling pumps.
  • Many counters approved by the INSHT (National Institute for Health and Safety at Work) for counting fibers.


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