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Sanitary control of drinking water

“Ensuring the quality of water is much more than just the analytical control”

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One of the most important developments of RD 140/2003 was to consider water quality not only from an analytical point of view, but considered as a whole supply from catchment to the consumer’s tap in order to ensure end user confidence, always in compliance with current legislation.

En LABAQUA prestamos un servicio de gestión de la calidad y control del agua de consumo humano que va mucho más allá de la entrega de un simple resultado analítico.

Therefore, our purpose in this field is the evolution of the water analysis service towards quality management and control of water for human consumption.


How do we managed to ensure water quality? This is achieved around four axes:

- Analysis and evaluation of the supply system

  • Design and monitoring of the Self-management Plan.
  • Annual assessment of self-management plans for water supplies.
  • Identification of critical points
  • Development of trials forecasts coordinated with the technicians responsible for supply, planning the sampling.

- Verification of the quality of water

  • Assignment of specific containers for the realization of the various types of test, as well as the inclusion of preservatives, packaging, cool boxes.
  • Conducting taking and analysis of counter samples.
  • Analysis Accredited by ENAC
  • Speed in performing the analysis (between 70-75% faster than the industry average).

- Assessment of results and information given to supply

  • Results “just and time”
  • "On line" availability of analytical results.
  • Immediate communication of health alert via the media chosen by the supply
  • Entering data in the SINAC system with the corresponding computer management of hydraulic structures.
  • Operational Systems for analytical data.

- Actions in non-compliance situations and incidents

  • Implementation and Management of Alerts System, and "on line" Incidents tracker.
  • Analytical assistance 365 days / 24 hours. "In situ" testing for preventive measures.
  • Advice in the event of health incidents, and establishment of solutions.
  • Information for the public in the event of health problems, and proceedings before the health authority


Our contribution consists in fulfilling the objectives of health safety, conducting a detailed study of security of supply, and offering our customers a comprehensive service in hygienic-sanitary risks prevention.


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