Ambiental Services

Inland water quality

Water as a source of life is a precious asset to be conserved in terms of quantity and quality to ensure the sustainable development of society

We have extensive experience in the development of studies to characterize bodies of surface water and groundwater, having worked for both major public agencies and the private sector.

  • Monitoring of surface and groundwater for the assessment of chemical status and compliance with Environmental Quality Standards.
  • Studies of how the aquatic environment is affected by human activity.
  • Limnological studies in lakes and reservoirs and characterization of levels of eutrophication.
  • Studies of pressures and impacts on water bodies
  • Operation of monitoring and control programs for networks of control of chemical status by assistance techniques for local Administrations.
  • Development of sampling campaigns of water, sediment and biota, to evaluate persistent, toxic and bioaccumulative pollutant concentrations
  • Database management and information transfer.
  • Derivation of environmental quality standards – NCA – for non regulated substances
  • Definition of discharge mixing zones to control priority substances
  • Profiling of bathing waters (Directive 2006/7/CE)
  • Study of emergency episodes (fish mortalities, algae bloom, accidental spills, etc)
  • Assessment of damage to the aquatic environment

The status of both inland surface waters and groundwaters, is subjected to increased human activity and its pressures. These generate impacts that threaten the natural state of water, both in terms of quantity and quality. Discharges, intensive industrial activity, livestock farming, diffuse pollution, water extraction, derivation and regulation of rivers, hydromorphological alteration of rivers, contaminated soils, are some of the activities that generate such degradation.

The European regulations, has become over the years more demanding, identifying not only the physical - chemical quality of the water, but also the status of species of flora and fauna present in these aquatic ecosystems.


LABAQUA offers its customers not only one of the broadest ranges of accreditations to be found among testing laboratories nationwide, but also an additional range of solutions and correlated environmental services that allows us to optimize time management, costs and dialogue with the customer.

Our experience in this field, places us as one of the companies with a development of innovative proposals, by applying advanced solutions and latest technologies, both in laboratories and in the field work, and in interpretation of information.

The broad technical capabilities also allow us to offer a value proposition of integrated services, which means benefits to our customers, optimizing time and costs, and providing a comprehensive solution managed by a single interlocutor.


  • Thorough knowledge of the regulatory framework, emphasizing that have participated in all phases of implementation of the Water Framework Directive and Directives daughters.
  • Extensive experience and references for our involvement of technical assistance for Environmental Management in project for control and monitoring of water quality, studies of the water environment, biological quality, and environmental impact evaluationse
  • Laboratories with excellent cutting-edge technology for complex determinations of priority substances, accredited according to criteria of the UNE-EN ISO 17025
  • Comprehensive package of accreditation by ENAC, both the Inspection Entity, and in related testing and analysis services.
  • Large multidisciplinary and multi-site team, giving geographical coverage for all areas subject to environmental inspection.
  • Coordination between different areas and departments involved in environmental and analytical services, resulting in a comprehensive service, being centralized and giving maximum optimization of costs, time and dialogue.

  • Water Managers
  • Public Administration
  • Industrial Sector
  • Energy
  • Construction

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