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The analytical capacity offered must also always be accompanied by stringent quality standards to ensure the validity of the results.






The demands on analytical services required by our customers are becoming ever greater because of increasingly stringent legislative requirements as well as other economic and operational factors, thus requiring a more effective and individualized analysis service.

The solution must arrive by means of high quality, rigorous and rapid analytical services that are able to meet the needs of our customers. Analytical products must always be accompanied by an expert and personal attention at all times to advise the customer, and thus, problems are solved quickly. The analytical capacity offered must also always be accompanied by stringent quality standards to ensure the validity of the results.

LABAQUA provides not only quality analytical results, but also expert opinion and an advanced technology that helps solve problems quickly, safely and satisfactorily.


The main problems that customers are required when an analytical service are:

What tests need ?

In the current framework is difficult to know exactly what the law requires or type of service required for each analytical problem so there must be many times with a view expert and personalized.

I need it asap


The decision is always linked to a rapid diagnosis of the situation so that the service should allow provide sufficient information for a quick way to get immediate solutions

I need reliable results and accredited


The analytical services should always be presented with a rigorous quality assurance and in most cases backed by accreditation to be supported by environmental administrations



The solution is a fast, thorough and quality analytical services and expert opinion behind that advisers ls needs and solutions to each problem posed in each situation



The main added values of LABAQUA in analytical services are gathered into 5 main points:

  • Quality All analytical results are controlled lower the strictest quality controls offering maximum guarantees our customers
  • .
  • Rigor Our results before being delivered through a rigorous validation process to ensure consistency thereof
  • .
  • Speed We offer our clients reliable results with very short response so they can make early decisions to improve the efficiency of their processes
  • .
  • Personal attention From LABAQUA guarantee personal attention and expert to advise one of our clients in the interpretation of the results
  • .
  • Technology In LABAQUA always have the most advanced analytical methodologies and are always evolving thanks to our strong commitment to innovation and development
  • .


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