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Gas treatment

The generation of gases and Particulate matter (dust) represents a complex problem at the level of

indoor air quality and atmospheric emissions that require specific solutions.


The generation of gases and particulate material (dust) represents a complex problem at the level of indoor air quality and atmospheric emissions, that requires specific solutions.


Conventional solutions based solely on "end of line" treatments have proven ineffective in many cases.

The solution should consider the gas generating processes, minimizing flows to be treated (which affects energy costs) adequate capture / ventilation and conduction, and finally possible treatment alternatives.

Only in this way can we guarantee the best solution at the lowest cost of implementation and operation.

Latis Scientific does not offer a catalog of "filtration systems", but rather a custom solution.


We evaluate the production process and seek the best technical and economical solution.

We offer "ad-hoc" solutions ensuring independence from brands or specific technologies.

Once we have agreed with the client the best alternative, we address the detailed engineering, manufacture of filtration equipment, supply and supervision of installation of ventilation systems, extractors, electrical panels and PLC systems.


The added value of the Gas Treatment solution that Latis Scientific offers differs in 7 points from solutions that other companies can offer:

  • Mining
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Foundries
  • Agrifood
  • WWTPs
Contaminantes y tecnologías
CFD Modeling
A mine in Region II, in a period of expansion, started the engineering and construction phase of the warehouses, and maintenance workshops for its mining trucks and auxiliary equipment, with an approximate volume of 4,000,000 m3. The basic engineering, responsibility of a prestigious local university, gave the overall sizing of HVAC ventilation systems in buildings. Preliminary results showed an installed capacity of approximately 13MW of power.Description of the ProblemHaving discarded the a priori optimal option of localized focused extraction on the exhaust from the trucks, for operational logic, given the normal exhaust height of more than 3.5 meters, the client requested from the outset, compliance with local regulations in the concentration maximum CO and NO2, by means of a general ventilation system of the workshops and warehousing.Project strategy The main parameters to be sized using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) were: 1.-Building volumes and renewals / hour. 2.-Maintenance of comfortable conditions in extreme climatic conditions ( T >5ºC interior of warehouses, minimum exterior temperatures of -30ºC, which results in high energy costs). 3.-Compliance with safety concentration levels inside buildings regarding CO and NO2. Results obtained: Decreased energy consumption (heating and ventilation) by 56% (project GP1 Client). By means of CFD study it was possible to obtain optimum ventilation flows (Push Pull assurance systems) to comply with DS594 in maximum permissible concentrations of NO2 and CO in the workplace.
Dust and odor emissions
Our client, a company dedicated to the production of salmon feed pellets, started their operations without any neighbors, so odor was not a relevant issue. Over time they became surrounded with homes that initiated complaints and claims against the odors emitted by the process. The main raw material is dried fish meal. Working the problemOur client needed support for treating a gas flow 800,000 m3 / h as a starting point. The characteristics of the gas streams to be treated and flow rates involved, led to biofiltration being proposed as the most appropriate technology. In this process, however, high concentrations of particulate matter are generated, which should be treated before entering the biofilter.Solution developedAll the equipment that emits vapors, particulate matter and odors were reviewed to calculate the base flow for the project. Due to the large flow volumes involved, it is very important to have an adequate flow which is not oversized. It was possible to install a dry sump type baghouse filter, limited to a maximum flow of 350,000 m3 / h (better than 50% reduction on the initial rate proposed), stable operation of biofilters and a negative building pressure limiting fugitive emissions (odors mainly) through openings of the factory.
Ventilation of tunnels - Stockpile
Our client Minero, in a period of expansion (2002) decided to invest in the improvement of working conditions inside the tunnels under the Stockpile of its concentrator plant. At that time the extraction was accomplished by type R Rotoclon equipment from the 60's, no longer in use.Description of the ProblemThe visibility inside the tunnels was very low (1.5 m), and furthermore, since the initial design the processing capacity had been increased, with upgrades of production equipment (conveyors and feeders) but there had been no parallel improvement in the extraction systems, resulting in poor or null extraction.

Working the problem

Feeder capacity was revised, the particle size of the processed material at this stage was characterized by optical spectroscopy to obtain the percentage of particles of 2, 5 and 10 microns.

In this type of facility dynamic balancing is the only method that guarantees an adequate extraction design, despite its complexity due to the existence of confined spaces.

Solution developed

After calculations and proposed redesign, the proposed solution meant an increase of only 25% of the flow of the original design.

The most critical part of the project was to redesign the entire internal ductwork, the extractor hoods and enclosures, to allow adequate reduction of pollutants in the tunnel, and so comply with legal regulations over the maximum weighted limit for suspended particulate matter . Finally visibility of greater than 45 m was achieved.


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