Ambiental Services

Environmental services

In recent years drones have passed from being a purely military technology to highly effective civilian use.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)  are an agile, efficient and competitive solution to meet a variety of needs for industrial, agricultural, and energy distribution companies for example.

Latis Scientific provides the following environmental services, using UAVs, with a wide range of integrated solutions for each.

  • Facility inspection and leak detection service
  • Management of bathing waters in coastal areas
  • Control and monitoring of water quality and waste tips
  • Mapping studies
  • Control of works and impact assessment

The use and adaptation of UAVs to the civilian market has required a legal framework to govern the implementation of this innovative technology. The current legislation provides legal guidance for the provision of these services to a wide range of sectors and organizations. This process requires an approval process for the manufacturers, developed equipment, and certification of flight operators. Alternative solutions currently available to solve the problems identified are difficult to apply due to the extensive use of human resources, high costs, ineffectiveness, and not including a comprehensive range of services.  


THE SOLUTION The current development of UAVs at a professional level allows their systematic use in the management of services offered to customers, optimising development times, versatility, access to complex areas, etc. Their capacity for transporting different types of optical sensor elements with various capabilities, allow the execution of multiple complementary tasks, providing a high added value to the services currently offered.

  • Speed and agility: The drones can fly at speeds between 40 and 60 km/h, which provides data and images within very tight time frames. At the same time, unlike other options, drones can be mobilized very quickly
  • High precision: drones can fly at low altitudes which allows for high precision georeferenced images
  • Drones allow us to obtain data more quickly and cheaply than other alternative means
  • Safety: These services can reduce the risk of accidents associated with inspection and monitoring in inaccessible areas, or which pose a danger to people's safety


Drone based services are integrated with other solutions from Latis Scientific, offering our customers high added value.

Coordination between different areas involved in environmental and analytical services, results in a comprehensive, centralised service, giving maximum optimisation of costs, time and communications.

Our multidisciplinary team and UKAS accredited laboratories means that we can also offer all the complementary services that may be needed for the success of this service. We have a team of experts with thorough knowledge of the regulatory framework and environmental impacts and processes that various sectors can have on the natural environment.

  • Energy
  • Waste Management
  • Industrial Sector

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