Ambiental Services

Environmental impact assessment

The control of impacts on the physical, socio-economic and cultural environments needs to be evaluated from the conception of the activity being developed, thereby preventing, avoiding, reducing or possibly offsetting the potential negative effects generated.

Latis Scientific provides the advice and technical assistance needed to accompany our clients throughout the process of environmental impact assessment (EIA) of projects, plans or programs, by undertaking the following actions:

  • Advice and dialogue with the Administration throughout the process
  • Report Project Summary
  • Initial environmental document
  • Environmental Impact Study
  • Environmental sustainability report (assessment of the effects of certain plans and programs on the environment)
  • Study and answer submissions in the process of Environmental Impact Assessment

And possible further studies to complete the works, such as:

  • Baseline studies
  • Pre-operational environmental characterisation studies
  • Environmental Monitoring Plans
  • Environmental Restoration or Integration Programs
  • Marine Bionomic Characterisations
  • Studies of environmental noise
  • Risk assessment
  • Integration with the Administrative process of the Integrated Environmental Authorisation for activities IPPC
  • Floodplain studies
  • Monitoring the use of airspace (birds and bats)
  • Aquatic ecology studies
  • Studies of ecological flows
  • Analysis of landscape impact
  • Viewshed studies
  • Simulation of future position integrating the project into the current landscape
  • Pollutant dispersion modeling (atmospheric and aquatic)
  • Modeling of noise impact
  • Economic valuation of ecosystem services potentially affected

The Environmental Impact Assessment is a technical-administrative procedure with the ultimate goal to assess the adverse effects that a project, plan or program may have on the environment, before its authorisation.

Early detection of potential impacts allows the adoption, and if necessary, taking modifying, corrective and / or compensatory measures, as well as the implementation of Environmental Monitoring Plans in post-implementation phases.

The regulatory framework governing the various agencies and organizations involved, the requirements of multi-disciplinary knowledge in different fields, the deadlines being managed, as well as the process of EIA itself, means an important level of support from technical experts in the field.


At Latis Scientific we are aware of the fact that each project requires an individualized approach, that maximizes the probability of obtaining a positive Impact Statement. For this reason, we are committed from conception to completion, to provide a service package tailored to the nature of your project, plan or program.

We recognise that achieving a positive statement, involves not only the execution of a proper study of the magnitude of the project, but also extensive administrative procedures and in complex cases, proper management of participation of all stakeholders in the community affected.


Coordination between different areas and departments involved in environmental and analytical services, results in a comprehensive centralised service,  giving maximum optimisation of costs, time and communications.

Our multidisciplinary team allows us to make available all the complementary services that may be needed for the success of the study.

We have a team of experts, with a thorough knowledge of the regulatory framework and with extensive knowledge of the environmental impacts and processes that various industrial and agricultural sectors can have on the natural environment.

  • Power
  • Ports and Airports
  • Management Companies
  • Construction and engineering
  • Public health and Tertiary
  • Industrial Sector

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