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Contaminated soil

The soil is an asset of high environmental value which allows the development of life on the surface of the earth. It is a limited resource which is easily destroyed and must be protected from pollution (European Soil Charter, 1972).


Latis Scientific offers a wide range of services that respond to the growing needs of its customers within the contaminated soil sector. The lines of activity focus on:

  • Advice on administrative procedures for the declaration of contaminated soils
  • Preliminary Report of Soil
  • Soil Status Report
  • Characterization of the quality of soil and groundwater (exploratory and detailed research)
  • Performing quantitative risk analysis – QRA
  • Preparation of studies and plans for decontamination
  • Controls and monitoring post-decontamination
  • Quantification and valuation of environmental liabilities in soil and groundwater
  • Environmental audits ‘due diligence’
  • Soil Baseline Report (IPPC)
  • Plans for control and comprehensive monitoring of the contamination of soil and groundwater (IPPC)
  • Pollutant dispersion modeling
  • Chemical analysis
  • Ecotoxicological analysis

The recognition in 2005 of the need to protect a fragile resource of high environmental value, forgotten during decades, resulted in the publication of Royal Decree 9/2005 of January 14, setting out the list of potentially polluting activities of the soil, and the criteria and standards for the declaration of contaminated soils.

This Royal Decree and legislation developed by the regional administrations in this area since then have been a turning point in the relation between industrial activities and the soil on which it sits, to include the concept of "the polluter pays" .

This regulatory framework has been a challenge for businesses and administrations, and has represented a major impact on all potentially polluting industrial activities, as well as transactions of sale of land, by imposing certain obligations and responsibilities.

Currently, the quality of soil and associated groundwater has become a capital aspect in both its economic and social impact.


Through the services offered, Latis Scientific meets customer needs with commitment, efficiency, quality and professionalism.

  • The commitment to become involved from the start, to accompany our customer through every aspect of the project, and to provide the best solution
  • Provide the best solution to respond to specific needs, combine efficiency and speed, and  have a positive impact on costs
  • Latis Scientific strives to offer only top quality services
  • A professional service throughout that can only be offered by an experienced, top-level, multidisciplinary team


At Latis Scientific we believe that our greatest value lies in:

  • A highly professional multidisciplinary team with proven experience of over 10 years in implementing projects related to contaminated soil and associated groundwater.
  • A nationwide network that allows us to provide services quickly and effectively.
  • Fully equiped in every way for any kind of action in the field in relation to contaminated soils.
  • Accreditation according to the UNE-EN ISO 17025 for sampling and chemical analysis.
  • Own laboratory for chemical analysis.
  • Own laboratory for toxicological and ecotoxicological analysis.
  • Extensive knowledge of industrial sectors

  • Energy
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Iron and Steel
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Extracting metals
  • Waste Management

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