Ambiental Services

Automatic system of atmospheric emission measuring (SAM)

Offer clients a comprehensive service in managing their AMS: calibration, verification and functional testing, advice and interpretation of results, NGC-3 management and benefitting from the added value of AMS as a tool for environmental control and related production processes.

Calibration accredited by ENAC under UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 Automatic Measurement Systems atmospheric emissions (AMS) in compliance with Standards UNE-EN 14181: 2005 and UNE-EN 13284-2: 2005 for all parameters currently regulated by technical standards CEN / ISO and their Standard Reference Methods:

  • Partculate matter
  • CO
  • NOx/NO2
  • SO2
  • COT
  • HF
  • HCl

Testing NGC-2 (test quality assurance Level 2 or QAL2), functional testing and Annual / Biennial Monitoring test.
AMS Calibration Standards based on criteria of standards UNE-EN 14181: 2005 and UNE-EN 13284-2: 2005 for those parameters that are not currently regulated by CEN standards (H2S, TRS, NH3…).


Expert technical advice for identifying made to measure solutions: selection of suitable AMS, suppliers and installers.
Studies of stratification flow in ducts and determination of optimal location for the installation of AMS.
System design and maintenance / data processing for Quality Assurance Level 3 (NGC-3).


The installations that are required by the cross-sector industry regulations, or by specific requirements (AAI, etc) to have Automated Monitoring Systems installed permanently at their emission points, face the problem of demonstrating to the competent authority that their AMS offer accurate readings, and with a confidence interval in accordance with the maximum uncertainties set by the applicable legislation. On that, and on the proper calibration of the AMS, depend not only the proper functioning of the system, but also obtaining reliable emission levels that are useful, not only for the Administration (to verify compliance with the limit values of emissions), but also for the owner of the facility, since the output of the AMS is a powerful tool for process control, environmental management, and industrial productivity.


LABAQUA offers its customers a wide range of AMS calibration services accredited by ENAC under UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025, as well as sufficient knowledge and experience to provide calibration services for parameters that are not currently subject to CEN standards (without Standard Reference Measurement Methods).


In addition to the services regulated by Standards and our accreditation in the field of calibration of AMS, LABAQUA offers a wide range of solutions and services for analysis and inspection accredited by ENAC, so that the client has access to a large multidisciplinary technical team which centralizes all your needs for conformity assessment and compliance with environmental and regulatory requirements. This allows optimizing communication, project management and especially time and costs, unifying into a single provider for integrated management of its environmental aspects.

  • Incineration of wastes and Large Combustion Plants (LCP)
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Treatment and management of wastes
  • Iron and Steel
  • Extractive Industry
  • Cement

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