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Aquatic ecology

The concept of water quality goes beyond the purely physico-chemical and must integrate all components of the aquatic ecosystem, both biotic and abiotic, in monitoring the quality of surface water.



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Latis Scientific provide advice and technical assistance for the study of the quality of surface waters, integrating all aspects covered by the Water Framework Directive (WFD), from sampling and analysis of all physiochemical, biological and hydromorphological indicators, to the calculation of ecological state / potential, as well as network design for biological monitoring following the specifications of the WFD.

  • Monitoring the ecological state / potential of water bodies according to criteria of the Water Framework Directive – WFD.
  • Sampling and determination of physiochemical, biological and hydromorphological indicators
  • Complex limnological studies in lakes, wetlands and reservoirs
  • Characterization of levels of eutrophication
  • Studies for census and state of fish stocks
  • Studies for presence and distribution of invasive alien species
  • Studies of impact of human activity (discharges, construction, shipping, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Studies of habitat in river ecosystems
  • Studies of habitat connectivity and permeability of barriers
  • Studies of environmental flow regimes
  • Tagging studies and monitoring of fish specimens
  • Statistical analysis of ecological data including multivariate analysis such as PCA, CCA, NMDS, Neural Networks, etc.

The degradation of the status of water bodies, has a determinant effect on the presence of aquatic life, reducing biodiversity and thus eroding these life supporting ecosystems and providers of "ecological services", which hold the processes that shape the climate, that clean the water and air, that regulate the flow of water, that create and regenerate the soil and generally keep the planet suitable for life.


Latis Scientific provides consulting services in the field of assessing the quality of aquatic ecosystems, which includes preparing individual and group log files, chemical safety reports, reports to justify exemptions, dialogue at consortiums and authorities, records of safety data and notifications, among other services.

We support our customers throughout the process, providing complementary legal advice, training in the regulatory framework, support in managing the registration or representation on boards of Substance Information Exchange (SIEF), offering a comprehensive service throughout the process.


  • Highly qualified team with many years of experience, led by doctors in biological sciences.
  • Thorough knowledge of applicable regulations and participation with management in all phases of WFD implementation, from planning to final information management.
  • Extensive experience in implementing sampling methodologies on water quality (water, sediment, biota and biological indicators).
  • Experts in biological determinations, and in close contact with research scientists. Accredited according to UNE-EN ISO 17025 for the determination and sampling of benthic macroinvertebrates.
  • Development of our own applications for assessment of the ecological state / potential of water bodies, and complete management of ecological data and automatic calculation of quality indices.
  • Preparation of documents, guides, atlases and other complementary studies.
  • Technical support with tasks of reviewing and improving protocols MAGRAMA.
  • Presentations at conferences and seminars.
  • R & D projects (eg. Studies of habitat preference for macroinvertebrate taxa)
  • Extensive knowledge in statistical methods for data analysis (neural networks, Non parametric Multidimensional Scaling-NMDS analysis, Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and other multivariate analysis)

  • Hidrográficas Confederations
  • Public Administrations
  • Industrial Sector
  • Organizations or Associations with an interest in the study of aquatic ecosystems

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