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With a recent comprehensive refurbishment, our Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory now has increased analytical capacity.

These moves to improve our services and capabilities now mean that we can offer a wider range of assays.

Our latest improvements include:

  • New instrumentation: including two new Ion Chromatography (IC) systems and a new Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES) to double current capacity
  • Further method development to improve the range of analytes available
  • Huge improvement in consistency of distillations, with current output nearly three times greater as Ammonia distillation is now carried out using a new steam distillation, utilising the Vapodest 200 equipment
  • Greater capacity for total dissolved and suspended solids due to a wider range of equipment and method improvement


Our ongoing commitment to maximising and increasing our laboratory capacity will continue, as we invest further not only into research and material assets, but also bring continue to grow our expanding laboratory team. Visit our careers section to view the latest job opportunities.


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