Building Services

Building Services

Latis Scientific are experts in all aspects of the built environment and have a wealth of experience in providing analytical solutions to ensure the control of microbiological risk, prevent corrosion of pipework, plant maintenance and provision of clean air.

Our Expertise:
Microbiological Risk
  • Pathogens: Understanding of control requirements and provision of key technical resources
  • Potable Water: Advice on relevant guidance and regulations, also quality of water coolers and cleanliness of vending machines
  • Legionella: Advice on all water systems in the built environment, including management of cooling towers, monitoring of domestic water systems, humidifiers and  recycled water systems, such as grey water
Closed Water Systems
  • Unique understanding of microbiology and chemistry of closed water systems
  • Series of analytical suites, including chemical and microbiological parameters, designed to ensure the effective management of chilled and heated water systems
  • Provide analytical requirements of the BSRIA guidelines for pre-commissioning cleaning of pipework systems, including full reports and further investigative work utilising our sister company Oakland Calvert Consultants
Ingress Water
  • Unique experience to assist with investigation of spurious waters
  • Specifically designed suites of analysis
Biocide Efficacy Testing
  • Suspension Tests in accordance with European Standards
  • Bespoke method design dependant on specific project requirements
Air Quality
  • Provision of monitoring equipment to conduct a full microbiological site survey
  • Understanding of relevant guidance and legislative requirements
  • Full reports on results and associated microbiological risk

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