Our chemists and microbiologists have many years’ experience in the analysis of environmental water quality for different water types including, ground water, surface water, and waste waters.

Wastewater treatment is critical due to diminishing water resources, increasing disposal costs and stricter discharge regulations lowering permissible contaminant levels.

We understand the constraints of wastewater discharge and are able to analyse effluents and wastewater to comply with regulatory authorities consent to discharge, under European and UK legislation.

Using the latest instruments and technology we offer a full range of testing, including BOD, COD, Inorganic salts, Cyanide, Detergents and Organic compounds. Our capabilities also include working with clients in conjunction with the EU Landfill Directive (EEC/1999/31/EC) and the Environmental Agency Landfill Directive, providing a full analytical service, including the monitoring of leachate and landfill gas.

Our Services Include:
Monitoring of landfill
Our comprehensive range of landfill monitoring services are supported by a detailed understanding of environmental compliance. We can provide monitoring programmes and laboratory analysis of groundwater, surface water, and leachate samples within specific inorganic and organic parameters.
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual monitoring events
  • Detailed data analysis within specific timeframes
  • In depth reporting and interpretation of results by a team of experienced consultants
  • Flexible reporting formats
  • Reliable analytical data
Leachate & Groundwater
We can provide testing and laboratory analysis of groundwater, surface water and leachate samples within specific inorganic and organic parameters. Testing is delivered monthly, quarterly and annually as required, with detailed data analysis that can be provided within specific time frames. Our in depth reporting and interpretation of results is delivered by a team of experienced consultants and we also offer flexible reporting formats. Our analysis options include but are not limited to:
Inorganics Organics
Suspended Solids   Phenols
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) - Total, Filtered and Settled   Pesticides, Herbicides
pH & Electrical Conductivity   Hydrocarbon analysis
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) - Total, Filtered and Settled   SVOCs (Semivolatile organic compounds)
Cyanide   PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls)
Metals including As, Cd, Cu, Cr, Hg, Se, Zn, Ni, Pb, Fe, and Na - Total or Filtered   VOCs (Volatile organic compounds)
Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
Ion chromatography
Trade Effluent Analysis
  • Unique experience to assist with investigation of spurious waters
  • Specifically designed suites of analysis
Biocide Efficacy Testing
Latis Scientific understand the constraints surrounding the discharge of wastewater. Our laboratories analyse trade effluents and comply with the regulatory authorities consent to discharge, under European and UK legislation. We also have the capability to analyse and determine the effectiveness of treatment regimes. Our tailored wastewater analysis service is designed to meet all of the requirements for your discharge consent. We also provide interpretation of results and advice in a comprehensive report. Latis Scientific are UKAS accredited for wastewater determinands, which includes all of the most common requirements for discharge consents.
  • Yeast
  • Mould
  • Bacteria & fungus, incl. Aspergillis, fumigastas
Compost & Digestates (SMS)
Working together with our Defra approved and UKAS accredited partners, we can guide you through the legislation and standards applicable to your activities. We undertake microbiological compost and digestate testing, ensuring you adhere to APB and PAS100 regulations and standards.
Boiler Water Chemistry
Stack Emissions Monitoring
Accurate stack emissions monitoring is essential to ensure compliance with local authority and Environment Agency Permits, the Waste Incineration Directive (WID) and large combustion plant directive. Latis Scientific perform analysis of air samples collected from incineration and combustion processes and also ambient air, including samples from stacks/vents, fugitive dusts, odour samples, traffic pollution and background emissions.
  • Consultancy services

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