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Join us at the Royal College of Physicians next March to hear expert speakers discussing the latest research and developments in methodologies for the detection of microorganisms in water systems.


This new one day conference will feature a range of professionals discussing subjects ranging from:

  • Detection of Legionella bacteria using rapid technologies such as qPCR; including the latest technology for differentiating between live and dead cells.
  • The use and immunological methods for the onsite testing for Legionella.
  • Emerging technologies in the water field, such as flow cytometry and real time sensors.
  • A new validated qPCR method for the detection of Mycobacteria; an opportunistic pathogen causing increasing issue within the healthcare sector.
  • A novel green technology for the removal of biofilm with potential to significantly change current disinfection regimes.

Click here to see the full agenda.

The conference will take place on the 8th of March at the Royal College of Physicians in London.


Register online for free to book your place.

For more information and for sponshorship opportunities please contact:
Kleoniki Katsini
Event Coordinator at Latis Scientific

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